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Video Programmatic

Expand your boundaries of video advertising using Hybrid programmatic technologies. Hybrid video ads will create a sustainable impression of your brand in a short time and get you the right audience optimized for your goal.

Vast metrics

Segment users based on their interaction with your video ad. Allocate users depending on the video completion rate (25/50/75/100%) and reach them with targeted messages.

Syncing with TV

Synchronize digital video advertising with TV commercials. Integration with TNS allows you to broadcast advertising in all channels simultaneously and increase the user’s awareness of your brand.

All formats

Show your ads in any environment (Desktop, Mobile, Smart TV) and any existing format.


  • In-stream

    Video ads that are embedded in another video (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll) with the ability to skip.

  • In-read (native)

    Advertising embedded in the content of the site. Typically, the ad is shown inside the articles.

  • Interstitial

    The video appears over the main content, usually in mobile applications. Vertical video is a kind of Interstitial, but with a vertical orientation.

  • In-banner

    The In-banner format shows a video where it is not possible to display a regular video, but HTML5 is supported. In-banner video supports VAST metrics.


Hybrid SmartBid algorithms are implemented in your campaign to reduce the cost by analyzing various metrics according to view time. The analysis is carried out on a set of parameters (time of the day, site, the user's entry into this or that segment,
its interaction with advertising)

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