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SmartBid — an optimization platform based on AI algorithms and machine learning


Optimization based on machine learning allows you to achieve the desired KPI in the early stages of the campaign. Our algorithm calculates the probability of an event and leads the campaign to the desired parameters with a success rate of 80%.

Five point strategy

Optimize the campaign based on CPM, CPC, CPCV, CPI and Bounce Rate.

Easy to manage

Choose the type of optimization, specify the bid and the algorithms will lead the campaign to the desired parameters.

Smart Algorithms

Our smart algorithms are formulated on the current and historical data available in Hybrid DSP making it possible to efficiently optimize the campaigns towards your goals that too in short time.


  • To reduce the Bounce Rate and increase the number / decrease in the cost of conversion, various parameters like the audience segment, sex / age, look-alike are analyzed and optimized according to the campaign goals.

  • To increase the clickthrough rate and to reduce the cost of vCPM, we analyze placement parameters: site, ad slot, screen size, etc.


SmartBid algorithms are aimed at maintaining a balance between the volume and quality of your audience.
Optimization is adapted to all possible application environment and advertising formats: mobile, video, display. You can decide the strategy of your advertising campaign in just few clicks on in the Hybrid Console and get the desired result.

CPM Optimization

CPC Optimazation

Bounce Rate



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