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The leader of programmatic technologies
hybrid.ai is a global programmatic platform which uses AI algorithms at every stage of the work. Day by day we improve the functionality and quality of products to deliver an excellent result to your advertising campaigns.
Our mission
Creating tools which make the use of programmatic technology simpler. Full access to all settings and internal processes.
Our assignment
Make your advertising as transparent as possible: clear pricing, full openness, clear statistics for customers.
Our priority
Personal appeal to each user and satisfaction of his needs. Customer support is available 24/7.
Leader in the industry
High quality of service allows hybrid.ai to regularly have the leading positions in the quality of Mobile programmatic, Trading Desk and in the level of cooperation among programmatic platforms according to the Tech Index of AdIndex.
Global platform
We have an ability of 40 billion impressions per day in 48 countries of the world and we have offices in 4 countries.
Building 18, Myasnitskaya st. 13
Kommunalnaya st.18
New York
616 Corporate way suite 2-3353 Valley Cottage
Markgrafenstraße 19A
Business Link Astoria Przeskok 2 00-032
Global partners
We cooperate with Google, Facebook, Yandex, AppNexus, AppsFlyer, Rubicon and expand the abilities of programmatic and make it more open.
Our clients
200+ largest advertising agencies
and brands
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Our team
Vladimir Khudyakov
Product Director
Sergey Kovalev
Commercial Director
Dmitriy Cheklov
CEO & Founder
Dmitriy Shevchenko
Business Development Director
Christian Dabringhausen
VP Sales & Operations Germany
Roman Kobozev
Chief Marketing Officer
Svetlana Kargina
Account Director
Tatyana Pankova
Head of Sales
Dmitry Khokhlov
Chief Technical Officer
Alexander Karpensky
Head of Design Team
Evgeny Leontiev
Head of Mobile
Hybrid Conf
hybrid.ai is the organizer of the largest programmatic conference in Eastern Europe —Hybrid Conf.
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