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The most common way to reach the right audience.
Show your ads to potential customers at the right place and the right time via Hybrid Console. For example, when they’re browsing their favourite websites or using mobile devices.

Display is your chance to engage users with
appealing ad formats. Here are some of the ad types
that you can run with Hybrid Console

HTML5 creatives & Banners

Banners are quite generic, but they have proved extremely effective ad type. Implement various strategies and realise any ad campaign scenery with our help and guidance.

Banner ads are displayed on a web page. The advertisement consists of an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) or of a multimedia object (usually created using Flash). Thus, banner ads can be static or animated.

HTML5 creatives can even include images, animation, videos and any combination of these elements.

Instream & Outstream video
We will help you create compelling video campaigns with a wide range
of video ad formats to engage your audience in different ways across
video partner websites and Smart TVs.
Use in-stream ads when you have video content you'd like to promote before, during, or after other videos across websites and apps.
  • pre-roll
  • mid-roll
  • pause-roll *
  • post-roll
  • multi-roll
An outstream video ad plays in a large format player whenever a user navigates to it within text content (typically an article).
Increase brand awareness by getting your videos in front of more people. Outstream ads can run across a variety of different placements.
In-banner video
We will help you create compelling video campaigns with a wide range of video ad formats to engage your audience in different ways across video partner websites and Smart TVs.
In-read (Native video)
Display creatives with embedded video players. Use this format if video ads aren’t supported, but HTML 5 is supported. (VAST metrics are available)
This format is quite similar to read-roll format. When the user scrolls down the page, the video moves down too and doesn't distract from the main content.
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Native ad formats match both the form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. It can be Native Banners and Native Video, which is described above.

We optimize ads to ensure they perform well on pages (15 most popular formats available). They mirror the visual design of the experience they live within, and look, feel, and behave like natural content.

app store

Mobile apps – are an engaging and dynamic environment to capture users' attention. Appeal to your audience with various interaction-based formats.

Mobile devices, unlike desktop or laptop computers, are more often used only by one person. This fact makes the in-app environment an ideal place to reach out to its owner's personality.

Ads can be seamlessly integrated within in-app content. It isn’t a pushy distraction anymore, but a relevant suggestion that improves user experience.

Provide unique user experience tailored to the specific context of an app and interests of the user.
Realize any concept of the in-app advertising!
Interstitials (Full-screen banners)
Rich-media banners
Typically displayed in the content stream or as adhesive units, these ads have a vast reach, making them a practical option for increasing brand awareness.

Standard sizes (IAB standard mobile sizes)

Smartphone Banner300x50 or 320x50
Super Leaderboard/Pushdown970x90
Medium Rectangle300x250 20x60 120x60
Mobile Phone Interstitial640x1136/750x1334/1080x1920
Feature Phone Small Banner120x20
Feature Phone Medium Banner168x28
Feature Phone Large Banner216x36
Interstitials (Full-screen banners)

Interstitials are full-page ad units served between screens during mobile app navigation. They engage a user with rich HTML5 experiences at real app transition points (launch, game level load, etc.).

Interstitials are constantly cited as the most popular ad format. They provide a diverse ad experience to users and minimise "banner blindness".

Rich-media banners

Rich Media Creatives comply with MRAID standards and can use JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to give ads complex features. They include advanced features like video, audio, or any combination of these elements that encourage viewers to interact and engage with the content.

These creatives support different interactions, including clicks, taps, and hovers. They can also expand larger than their initial size to give you a larger canvas for your brand's message.

When you use rich media creatives, you can also track how users interact with them. Track the number of times an ad is expanded or find out which interactions are popular, etc.

video tablet
video icon

Mobile video is one of the most effective ad formats to adapt and to rely on for your in-app campaigns. People expect to see relevant ads that don’t interrupt their app experience.

Leverage the unique characteristics of mobile devices and VPAID features to make your brand message as impressive as possible.

Rewarded video
Achieve 100% viewability rate. Users are incentivized for watching a video ad. They opt in to view a video ad in exchange for something like virtual currency, in-app items, etc.
Interstitial Interactive Video
Attract and retain user attention by filling their entire screen with your story or message. Interstitial video ads are full-screen videos that appear during a natural break within the app.

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by hybrid

Hybe – is an in-house mobile programmatic platform featuring performance
Hybe enables app developers to run retargeting, and UA (soon) campaigns themselves or in a co-managed and fully-managed way with full transparency on campaigns’ setup and optimizations by leveraging a transparent SaaS pricing model.
Hybe provides app developers with the user-friendly UI, helps media buyers to test a variety of hypothesis quickly, build the audiences based on the MMP postbacks, bulk upload their creatives and apply bulk optimizations and edits to their campaigns.
dooh banner
dooh icon
Digital out-of-home media refers to digital media that appear in environments accessible to the public
DOOH is a broad category, and you can come across it pretty much everywhere. Just go to the city centre to see digital screens in urban spaces.
Discover DOOH advertising powered up with AdTech
Geofencing, tracking, personalizing and measurement in a real time.
Cookieless tracking image
Find your audience
372 Screens available in 8 cities help you to target your audience in the most relevent locations.
One interface image
One interface
Get access to a great variety of DOOH surfaces that help you reach your target audience through one interface. Quick launch and real-time inventory control.
Wide targeting options image
Wide targeting options
Define your target group by implementing campaigns in selected cities or specific locations.
dooh icon
We display ads on screens in places such as:
  • Shopping centers and stores

  • Grocery shops

  • Service points

  • Restaurants

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audio app
volume icon
Place your ads in audio content like podcasts, digital radio, and music-streaming services.
Ads are served to the users during ad breaks between songs on both desktop and mobile platforms.
Each ad contains a clickable image shown for the duration of the ad and linked to a single URL of your choice.
Reach your consumers 24/7, even though their gaze doesn't always rest on the screen.
Companion ads
Static banners contain logo and CTA, available for clicking upon while the audio format is in progress. The format doesn’t require user action to be triggered.
Audio ads
Pre-roll and mid-roll tracks in appears audio file featuring different benefits. They are perceived maximum native as they go around a particular topic (food, entertainment, sports, fashion, lifestyle, etc.) which makes it easier to find a way to your target audience.
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