Ad Requirements
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Ad Requirements

Hybrid Standard Ad Contains:

  • 256*256 pixels logo;
  • Title not exceeding 25 characters;
  • Ad text not exceeding 70 characters;
  • Domain name is determined automatically based on URL specified;
  • Image. Minimum resolution is 1080x607; maximum file size is 4 MB; formats: jpeg, jpg, png, gif.
  • Brand notification. The brand on ad should match the brand on a landing page.

Ad Text

The ad text must match the theme of the website advertised and describe the advertised product.
The ad text may contain:
  • Special marks: punctuation marks (. , ! ? : - –) and some typographic symbols (& %)
  • Exclamation and question marks can be used just once: in title or in text (that is in ad each mark can be used just once)
  • French translation, if it is shown in France
The following is not allowed:
  • use of spacing (spaces between l e t t e r s) and INITIAL letters, with the exception of abbreviations;
  • repetition of punctuation marks and allowed typographic symbols;
  • providing contact details (phone numbers, e-mails, postal address, ICQ and other message exchange services);
  • use of HTML;
  • title must not be ended with a full stop;
  • the ad text should not contain jargon, slang, offensive language, obscene language or content intended “only for adults”.

Image in Ad

  • it must be quality and should not be distorted due to compression. The text must not take more than 20 % of image and must be well readable;
  • it must match the ad title/text and content of the website’s pages, on which the ad is placed.
The image must not contain:
  • contact details (phone numbers, e-mails, postal address, ICQ and other message exchange services);
  • the text of ad itself except slogans and such phrases; the text containing spelling, punctuation and other errors.

URL in Ad

URL must match the ad theme and work stable. Use of IP address instead of domain name is not allowed.

The Following Is Prohibited

Ads must not contain content countering the current legislation and being prohibited:


Tobacco Products

  • The ad must not advertise tobacco products including: cigarettes, cigars, hookah tobacco, smoking tobacco, pipe tobacco, beedi, kretek, snus, chewing tobacco, snuffing tobacco, naswar, etc.
  • The ad must not advertise accessories for smoking (pipes, hookahs, hookah places, cigarette paper, vapes, etc.).
  • The ads advertising blogs and groups of users who are interested in tobacco products are allowed only if in blogs and groups advertised tobacco products and accessories for smoking are not sold.
  • The ad campaigns against smoking and ads advertising books, psychological help with tobacco addiction, rehabilitation programs and institutions for smokers are allowed.
"If you are a true connoisseur of cigars, we’re waiting for you in our group!"
Not acceptable:
"All people joining us get discounts on vapes!"


  • It is prohibited to place ads advertising weapon including hunting, paintball and sporting weapons, air guns, fireworks, explosives, knives and weapons for self-defence.
  • It is not allowed to place links to a web page containing information on where to buy weapons in ads. It is allowed to place images with weapons only if the user is not held at gunpoint depicted on the image.
  • The ads advertising blogs and groups of users who are interested in weapons are allowed only if in blogs and groups advertised weapons and explosives are not sold.
"We’re waiting for you at the gun exhibition opening!"
Not acceptable:
"Here you can purchase weapons for self-defence."

Gambling Games

Ads of casino, totes, any games of chance and bets are prohibited.

Penny Auctions

Prescription Medicines

Artificial Termination of Pregnancy

Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances & Ways of Using Them

Illegal Software, Books, Music or Movies

Predictions, Astrology Forecasts, Witchcraft, Healing

Sales of Services via SMS

Provocative and Offensive Statements with Personal, Political and Religious Content

Ads must not promote violence and hostility to people of other nationalities, race, sexual orientation, sex, manifesting other religion, speaking other language, being in other family situation or holding other political outlooks.

Tracking Equipment

  • The ad must not contain offers of sale of tracking equipment including devices for tracking of mobile phones.
  • Ads advertising private search services are allowed.

Fake Products

The ad must not contain offers of sale of fake products.

Forged Documents

The ad must not contain offers of sale of forged documents.


Ads must not contain images of naked body parts, as well as of pornographic materials.

Spam Tactics

The ad must not contain imitation of virus warnings, system messages, progress bars, embedded video, prompts to download files or software

Shock Value

The ad must not contain images that were made to scare, shock, disturb, annoy, and trouble people.

Strobing and flashing

The ad must not contain distracting background with strobing and flashing, that can deflect or confuse users.

Personally targeted messaging

The ad must not contain messages with individual’s personal information.

Personal promotion

It is not allowed to promote individual profiles that were created on third-party platforms or social media.

Third-party websites

It is not allowed to advertise third-party vendors.

The Following is Allowed but Has Restrictions

Ads of products and services specified in this section is allowed but have some restrictions established by law. As you advertise the following products and services, we have a right to require electronic copy of the documents meeting the law.

Pharmaceutical Products

  • To advertise pharmaceutical products it is necessary to provide the Hybrid tech support with electronic copies of the following documents: instructions for use, conformity certificate and conformity declaration.
  • Ads must not contain offers of sale of prescription medicines.
  • Ads of medicines and other medical products must not:
    • be intended to the minors;
    • contain links to specific cases of recovering and health improvement due to use of medical products advertised;
    • contain expressions of thanks to individuals connected with medical products advertised;
    • contain statements and assumption that the recipient has some disease or health impairment;
    • contain statements that the recipient must use pharmaceutical products advertised;
    • contain statement that the recipient does not need consult a doctor;
    • guarantee a positive influence of the product advertised, its safety, effectiveness and absence of negative side effects;
    • present the product advertised as a biologically active food supplement;
    • contain statements that safety and effectiveness of the product advertised can be guaranteed due to its natural origin.
  • Ads of pharmaceutical products in prescription forms and dosages are not prohibited.

Medical Activity (Institutions)

  • To advertise it is necessary to provide the Hybrid tech support with electronic copies of a license allowing medical activity.
  • Ads of medical activity must not:
    • contain links to specific cases of recovering and health improvement due to medical activity advertised;
    • contain expressions of thanks to individuals connected with medical activity advertised;
    • contain statements and assumption that the recipient has some disease or health impairment.

Biologically Active Supplements, Food Supplements, Child Nutrition Products

  • To advertise pharmaceutical products it is necessary to provide the Hybrid tech support with electronic copies of the following documents: conformity certificate, registration certificate.
  • Ads of food supplements, biologically active supplements, child nutrition products must not:
    • be described a medical product having healing properties;
    • contain links to specific cases of recovering and health improvement due to supplements advertised;
    • contain expressions of thanks to individuals connected with supplements advertised;
  • Child nutrition products advertised must not be described as a full substitute for milk and must not contain statements about advantages of artificial feeding.
  • Ads of child nutrition products must contain information on age restrictions and a notification of the need of consulting specialists.

Healthy Lifestyle / Fitness

Ads must not be intended for individuals under the age of 18.
The ad must not contain “before” and “after” images, as well as images showing non-realistic results.

Not acceptable:

The ad text must contain neutral or positive words and phrases, describe a realistic health condition; don’t focus on visible flaws.
"With us you’ll lose weight safely and effectively!"
"Effective hair products"
Not acceptable:
"Are you afraid of being bald like a bowling ball?"
"You’ll lose 20 kilos for 20 days"
"Are you tired of your fat?"


Ads must not contain provocative images having a sexual content, as well as images of naked body parts.
Not acceptable:


  • Ads must not contain obscene and offensive words and phrases.
  • The text and the image must match the product advertised.
  • The ad must not offer the user to meet up or contact the other user.
  • Ads must not contain information on what website’s users have found, are searching for or will be searching for, on a message that one individual has sent to the user and contacting the user in any way.
  • Ads of dating for sex, such details and random relationships are prohibited.
"Are you searching for a husband?"
"Datings for serious relationships and marriage"
"We’ll help you find you love"
Not acceptable:
"Are you tired of loneliness?"
"You have 1 message"

Financial Services

Banking, Insurance and other Financial Services
  • The ad must contain name of the company or individual providing these services (for legal entity - name, for individual entrepreneur - name, second and third name).
  • Ads of banking, insurance and other services must not:
    • contain guarantees or promises that there will be effective activity in future (returns of investments) including that based on the previous rates if this effectiveness of activity (returns of investments) cannot be defined when signing the contract;
    • omit other conditions of providing services having impact on income that the user of the services advertised will gain or on expenses that the user of the services will lose.
If the ad contains one condition, at least, having impact on their cost, the ad must include other conditions including an actual cost of the credit for the Borrower.
  • Apps for credit cards
    Ads of apps for credit cards are allowed if the main page contains full and reliable information on credit conditions and interest rate, commission for transactions, all additional payments, etc. Acceptable:
    "In the bank you can apply for the credit card with an annual interest rate of 5 %."
    Not acceptable:
    "Fill the application and get a credit"
  • Credits with pledge of future salary
    It is prohibited to advertise credit and loans with pledge of future salary and other short-term credits.
  • Loans
    Ad text must contain information on interest rate, website or institution’s name giving a loan.
    "Need a loan? RelyBank will help you. Only 10 % per annum."
    Not acceptable:
    "Need a loan? Fast, without advance payment and with a guarantee"
Asset Management and Trust Management
Such assets include: securities, investments reserves of share investment funds, mutual investment funds, pension reserves of non-governmental pension funds, funds of pension assets, mortgage pool, assets for military housing.

Children’s content

Advertisers will be able to show the ad only If adults 18 or older make purchases on the site dedicated to children’s retail.The business will not be approved If:
  • the ad appeals to children ages 13 or under;
  • the ad collects data that contain information for anyone ages 13 or under;
  • website is not intended for children ages 13 or under;
  • web pages contain information that is not intended for children ages 13 or under;

Education services

Advertisers are able to provide users with education services. They can help people to find appropriate programs, courses, products or education services. The ad may contain information on businesses:
  • school supply distributors;
  • tutoring services;
  • online courses;
  • institutions of higher education;
It is not allowed to place an ad with content that claims to achieve exaggerated results. For example:
  • essay sell;
  • services that provide completed coursework.
"Want to be a designer? Find the best online courses here!"
Not acceptable:
"No need to study. Buy completed reports now!"

Special interests

It is not allowed to use personal information in ad. You may advertise products or services that are related to some special interests, but only if the ad does not contain knowledge of personal circumstances.
The ad must not contain:
  • political opinions;
  • sexual orientation;
  • religious beliefs;
  • racial, ethnic information;
  • physical and mental health information;
  • criminal proceedings
  • financial problems


To advertise a business it is necessary to follow the rules specified below:
  • programs should be customizable;
  • service should be designed to help marketing strategy;
  • customers should understand what is offered to them;
Acceptable: social media platforms, website optimization tools, analytics providers, and agencies.
Not acceptable: marketing tools with exaggerated results, systems that inflate social media presence and manipulate business presence, marketing solutions that have no clear specification.

Lead generation

The ad should not contain information about lead generation websites that collect visitors personal information. The sites can be approved only if they offer more then lead generation. For example, to do a business operation.

Blogs, forums

It is not allowed to advertise personal blogs or forums. Advertiser is able to promote the business that is not focused on personal blogs or forums only, and has links to the main website, which is advertised.

Requirements for the sites of advertisers

Our objective is to grow your business. And we welcome all advertisers from different industries and with different budget. We are integrated with a variety of partners to ensure the maximum coverage of your audience. Each of the partners has its own requirements for the sites of advertisers. Hybrid takes into account these requirements while offering additional recommendations for advertisers.

We strive to be as transparent as possible and do not want to waste your time creating on campaigns until you have the opportunity to work with us. That is why we have made requirements for advertised sites.

This article describes the Hybrid requirements to the sites of advertisers. You can see the information about the type of ad requirements (depends on the type of campaign) in Ad Requirements.

Content requirements for the site

The site should be informative and functional

Retargeting allows you to increase the volume of traffic, rather than attract a new one. If the site was just started up or is still under development, then you can install SmartPixel to gather the audience, and focus on site improvement or new users acquisition. For example, using other types of campaigns (Audience, Thematic, Classmates). Nevertheless, we have the following requirements for the sites of advertisers:
  • The advertised page / site should open correctly in the browser.
  • All navigation links should work and lead to active pages.
  • All pages must have content. Links to empty pages or pages under development are not allowed.
  • Make sure that your site does not contain any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

It is not allowed for the advertising sites:

  • which are under development;
  • which contain error messages;
  • which make it difficult for the user to leave the advertised page / site (for example, locking the "back" button in the user's browser);
  • which use pop-up windows (including windows that start the download) displayed when switching to the advertised page / site, or when exiting it;
  • which are doorways (pages created to redirect visitors to another site);
  • the main purpose of which is advertising;
  • which contain HTML-frames, where the content of other resources is presented;
  • which are clones (containing content completely or significantly copying the content of a site from another domain)

Users should understand the essence of your business

Transparency is one of our key values. Therefore we ask advertisers to be transparent with their customers. Make sure that your site meets the following requirements:
  • Users should understand the objectives of your site with no need to leave any personal information (for example, e-mail).
  • The site contains description about the product or services.
Acceptable: Hybrid is a platform for self-advertising via RTB on the web and social networks.
Not acceptable: Register in Hybrid and increase ROI by 200%!
  • For retail: transparent pricing, description of payment methods, goods delivery and receipt.
  • For service providers:description of services provided, terms of subscription.
  • The site: should contain a privacy policy, a section "About the company," contact information.

The site must not contain inaccurate information or unverifiable statements

All content on your site must be informative, up-to-date and reliable. Any statements should be easily verifiable. If you offer any guarantee, then such a proposal should be clear to your users. We do not work with sites that deliberately distort the essence of their business or use any means to raise their reputation falsely.

The content of the site should be acceptable for all ages

For remarketing campaigns, we do not limit the age of the audience to which we advertise. Therefore, even if the product or service is aimed at a particular age category, your site should be acceptable for all ages, that is, to exclude outcrop, scenes of violence, etc.

Landing page requirements

Also, advertisers can create a separate landing page for the ad campaign. In addition to the above requirements for sites, your landing page must meet the following requirements:
  • The landing page should be associated with your brand.
  • The privacy policy and home page of your main site should be easily accessible from the landing page.
  • If your landing page contains some unique offer not available from the main site, then on the page there should be a full description of this offer.
  • Any statements on the page should be easily verifiable.
  • Any collection of personal information must pass through a secure server (https: //).

Video Advertising Requirements

1. Timing - no more than 30 seconds;
2. The maximum file size is 20 MB.
3. Video resolution - 640x360, 640x480, 480x600, 1280x720 or 1920x1080
For mobile - 320x480, 480x320, 640x360, 640x480, 300x250, 768x1024, 1024x768
4. Recommendations not to show information in the bottom 10% of the video, because there will be controls for the player.
5. Flow requirements:
- Video bitrate: 400-450 kbit / s. Frame rate: no more than 25 frames/sec.
- Audio bitrate: 80-100 kbit / s. The volume level is not more than 30 dB
- Total bitrate: 480-550 kbit / s
6. Video format: mp4, WMV MP4 (MPEG-4): H.264 video codecs, audio codec - AAC.
7. A video should not mislead the user, that is, it can not contain buttons which duplicate services and other elements.
8. Preroll should not contain visible artifacts, distortion of proportions and other errors. Videos of poor processing quality and with a high compression ratio are not accepted for placement (the platform reserves the right to subjectively evaluate advertising materials)

  • We also reserve the right not to accept promotional materials for the placement, the execution of which does not correspond to the internal policy of the company.
  • The format of the link is an external desktop / mobile site, or a mobile application.