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A self-service omnichannel platform

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Hybrid console is a real-time self service programmatic platform which enables you to understand your audience in an omnichannel environment. We implement various strategies to optimize and reach your campaign goals.
User-friendly interface
Console’s interface makes it effortless to control and optimize all your media spend by using a single unified solution.
Enables you to work with large amounts of data and download hundreds of creatives within a few clicks.
Real-time statistics
Track the progress of your advertising campaign, distribute your budgets and make the necessary changes in real time.
Multiple accounts to manage all your tasks
Advertiser account
This type of account is suitable for you to manage and run your current advertising project. You can easily setup and register an account which allows you to quickly create a campaign, generate new customers and get all the statistics with full transparency.
Payment types: individual or legal entity
Hybrid agency account
This type of account is needed to simultaneously run campaigns for different advertisers and quickly switch between each campaign and advertiser.
Flexible budget management
Configure different levels of account access for your employees and leverage our enhanced analytics tool.
All in one console
Hybrid Console enables you to use any existing technology in the current Adtech environment.
Algorithmic purchase of advertising in any channel and format.
Optimizing placements by using artificial intelligence helps you to improve & achieve your individual campaign KPIs.
Integrated DMP functionalities assists you to collect data from any source and to securely store it in private clouds.
Hybrid.ai custom audiences segments & more than 3000 auditor segments like Aidata, Soloway, 1DMC and on top many others.
We provide all of our customers a 24/7 support. Just directly write to our support chat or to support@hybrid.ai and one of our account managers will answer to any type of your questions.
Ad library
With Hybrid.ai Ad Library you can easily manage your creatives in your usual manner. The creative library will help you to improve the efficiency of A/B testing, running multiple campaigns, rotating creatives and assists advertisers to use third-party Ads API tools.
Add hundreds of creatives within a few clicks. Thanks to the synchronization with Dropbox.
Hybrid Canvas — the designer of mobile landings
Hybrid Canvas is a great tool for Advertisers to make their landing pages mobile ready by providing several functionalities and features either to let them optimize automatically be optimized by Hybrid or manually by themselves.
Collect ad units within minutes
Collecting any mobile landing page in under 5 minutes and start to drive quality traffic to it. All canvas files are stored in your library and can be edited any time. In addition to this, Hybrid canvas tool can be used for A/B testing various banners.
Colorful informative units
With this additional feature, you can test different versions, make corrections and evaluate the results immediately in real-time. Use different kinds of formats while creating your ad units.
Detailed statistics
In your account, you can view the number of calls, actions "to call", and the number of users by the time of the viewing of the ad unit.