Full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem

Flexible solutions for agencies and brands

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Who are we?

Set of programmatic tools for any advertising objectives

Our holistic stack is designed to effectively address all the challenges which may have agencies and brands that employ programmatic advertising.

Each of our versatile tools&services can be seamlessly integrated with the others — all backed by a machine learning approach and other top-notch technologies to drive maximum results.

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Full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem


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Full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem



Full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem


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Full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem

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Hybrid Platform

One platform – endless opportunities

Plan, launch, analyze, report

Hybrid Insights
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Reduce costs.
Drive maximum results.

Full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem

Hybrid Platform

Is a solid foundation to set up your own programmatic department. Take programmatic in-house with our adaptable and customisable toolkit. We can design it according to your brandbook.


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AI-powered. Human guided.

We harness data and machine learning to deliver intelligent and customised campaigns.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

DCO algorithm generates real-time ads personalized for every individual. Our AI identifies which creative works best for each group of users and displays the most relevant and engaging ad to drive maximum results.


AI predicts users’ behavior and bids the right price for ad inventory to reach audiences most likely to convert, leading your campaign to the desired KPI and saving your money. Maximise campaign performance by CPM, CPC, CPV or CPI.


We apply fraud detection algorithms and integrations with top industry verification services to provide valid traffic and protect your budgets. We can scan all the traffic by specific filters and review contextual placements and keywords to ensure your ads appear in the right environment.


Сombine the storytelling power of traditional television with the targeting and reporting of programmatic. TV ads trigger digital ads based on what ad a user see on TV in real time.


Show different banners depending on weather conditions, air pollution and other criteria. Increase your sales, clicks and engagement rates lowering CPA. It’s a surefire strategy for businesses whose sales are directly impacted by the weather.


We use GPS coordinates transmitted in a bid request to segment audiences by their location (regulars of different places, like cafes and clothing stores). Reach your potential customers either within a set radius or at specific places.


Сollect data from any source, create custom or look-alike audiences, and use ready-made audiences provided by partners. AI builds new segments, as well as enriches and customises existing ones, based on user data.

Full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem

Creative Studio

Your ideas. Our experience. Impressive results.

Fulfil your any idea in one of our effective Rich-media formats to drive better results. Have a look at our gallery, because examples speak louder than words.

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Full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem

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Full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem

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Full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem

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Full-stack programmatic advertising ecosystem

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