Hybrid TV Sync

Simultaneous display of situational Internet advertising and TV

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Hybrid TV Sync

Areas of Application

The technology behind

TV signals analysis for timely ads display on devices

Transparency in
EACH company

Get detailed online reports on video release times and channels, and see the performance of your campaign in real time with Hybrid Reports.

Hybrid TV Sync Hybrid TV Sync

Advantages of TV Sync

  • Increase of brand awareness and engagement.

  • Visible results of an impact on brand awareness as a results of TV synchronization, conducted through Brand Lift.

  • Extending the reach of target audience through ad placement in-app and mobile web.

  • Easy measurement of TV ads effectiveness within each channel and time in real time.

Possible сommunication

  1. Omnichannel communication and presence in each channel where the audience is present

    • Your TV spot goes live
    • Process TV syncing starts
    • Digital campaign through Hybrid DSP is launched

    Result: synergy effect due to synchronization of both channels.

  2. Displacement of your competitor from the created by them associative area

    • Competitor’s TV spot goes live
    • Process TV syncing starts
    • Digital campaign through Hybrid DSP is launched

    Result: while the competitor builds the brand awareness in TV, your brand builds the association online with your own brand name.

From words to deeds

Learn more about TV Sync opportunities by the case of “Volvo”

  • Limitations:

    Blacklist of non-licensed or negative content

    Geo: Poland

    Channel: Mobile

  • The campaign was optimized due to Hybrid
    Segments and Blacklist:

    Users, interested in purchasing a new car

    Users, who are visiting automotive, sport and finance-related websites

    Blacklisting placements with poor performance

    Blacklisting placements with poor performance

  • Result:


    Times higher CTR, comparing to the same campaign Without TV Sync

Fox_comedy 0,68%
Metro 0,48%
Eurosport_1 0,56%
Tvn_turbo 2%
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