Hybrid Targeting

Personalized ads based on environmental factors and geolocation

Increase key campaign metrics with different types of targeting

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Hybrid Targeting
Hybrid Targeting
Hybrid Targeting
Hybrid Targeting
Hybrid Targeting
Hybrid Targeting
Hybrid Targeting
Hybrid Targeting
Hybrid Targeting

Right ads at the right time


Target relevant users by their location

Places categories

  • Education
  • School
  • University
  • Library
  • College
  • Medical
  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy
  • Entertainments
  • Theatre
  • Mall
  • Market
  • Stadium
  • Ice Rink
  • Night Club
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cinema
  • Travel
  • Airport
  • Hotel
  • Bank
  • Car
  • Gas Station
  • Car Wash
  • Garage
  • Industrial Zone


Target on the concentration of pollen (allergens) in the air

Hybrid Targeting

How does it work?

  • Defining user's GEO

  • Getting pollen data of a specific region by API from data suppliers

  • Targeting gets triggered

  • Starting the ads camapaign

Who is it relevant for?


Customize your campaigns by showing different ads depending on Air Quality

  • Defining user's GEO

  • Getting data on the location’s current environmental conditions from the coverage map

  • Targeting gets triggered

  • Starting the ads campaign

Hybrid requests data on Air Quality from DATA SUPPLIERS, providing the information about a certain region

Hybrid Targeting


Personalize your messages according to weather conditions

Hybrid gets data for Weather Targeting by API from data suppliers – that is the trigger to run a campaign.

Available settings

  • Cloud types

    • Without precipitation

    • Possible rain

    • Rain

    • Heavy rain

    • Snow

  • Precipitation types

    • No information

    • Sunny

    • Partly cloudy

    • Mostly cloudy

    • Thunder

  • Required temperature range

    For instance, from -40°C to 40°С

Case studies using Hybrid Triggers

How does it work in practice?

Weather: «Michelin»

The campaign goal is to remind users that it's time to get their cars ready for winter.

Users could see an ad only when there's 0° C and lower, or during snow. Every time when car owner thinks about changing tyres.

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Hybrid Targeting

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