Hybrid Platform is a flexible framework to create your own programmatic empire

  • Unlimited access to inventory

    Hybrid DSP is connected to the largest ad exchanges, such as Appnexus, Bidswitch, Mopub, Google Adx, Yandex, etc. Get daily access to more than 80 billion impressions and 2+ billion unique users worldwide.

  • All-in-one solution

    Hybrid Platform comprises all the necessary components for creating programmatic-in-house solutions, such as DSP, DMP, SSP. A single platform guarantees data preservation and transaction costs reduction.

  • Use AI that works

    ML solutions at each stage of work: SmartBid for optimization of advertising campaigns, Antifraud-algorithms, Brand Safety, Dynamic Creative Optimization, and many others.

Designed to work together

Hybrid Platform includes several tools for joint work. It's really easy to switch between them and provide access to all the required data.

  • Hybrid Insights

    Hybrid Insights is a tool to predict the results of a campaign.

  • Hybrid Console

    The platform allows you to create and optimize omnichannel advertising campaigns anytime and anywhere.

  • Hybrid Reports

    You can generate your own advertising campaign reports and analyze its results.

  • Hybrid Partners

    Create your own SSP platform and connect to advertising inventory from well-established publishers.

Why Hybrid Platform?

Embrace the advanced features of our platform, and let's start right away!

  • Best-in-class infrastructure

    Have ready-made solutions at your disposal: don't waste your time!

  • 3rd party integrations with easy

    Use ready-made integration with vendors or connect your own partners.

  • SaaS Pricing

    SaaS-based pricing saves your time. So you can focus more on your business and customer service.

  • Support and Education

    Account-managers provide guidance, full support 24/7, and training sessions where needed. Avoid 24h turn-around times and unfavourable SLAs.

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Find the best solution for you

White Label

The interface may be designed in your style to reflect your corporate identity and placed on a desirable domain.


A set of settings which customize the system itself to control the optimization of advertising campaigns. (For instance: if the CPC is above 30p, exclude the domain from the show.)

PMP Direct Deals

You can make a deal on your terms and have your ad placed on premium inventory.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

A set of tools, which by using algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, can change banner content depending on the various triggers: location, weather, or currency rate. Bring users back with dynamic retargeting by showing them recently viewed goods in your online shop.

Video Programmatic

Set up video campaigns in various formats on premium inventory.

Optimization strategies

Optimize the advertising campaign based on CPM, CPC, CPCV, CPI, and Bounce Rate using our constantly evolving DSP.

3rd party analytics integration

Integration with Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika, call-trackers Comagic, and Calltouch.

Audience Management & Segmentation

Our integrated DMP allows you to focus on any audience of users. Segment your audience to the most detailed level.

Create reports

Provide customers with detailed reports represented in tables, graphs, pictures, texts, and diagrams.

Audience development

Collect and use the data to target an audience on a single platform using our DMP. Apply your own data and combine audiences in different ways, build look-alike audiences, and get access to the list of already collected audiences to boost your campaign efficiency.


Use the most convenient and acceptable native formats for your ads to get your target audience even more interested.

Brand Safety

Employ Brand Safety filters to ensure campaign security (blacklisted sites, environments, context, keywords, etc). Additionally, Hybrid's Friendly Index tool lets you filter out advertising spaces that can be potentially harmful to your brand for reasons other providers sometimes ignore.


Set up fully-fledged advertising campaigns. Choose a convenient format and communicate with your audience in a comfortable environment for them. Track statistics and get detailed campaign reports.

Rich Media

You have various options of rich-media ads and interactive video formats at your disposal to increase the involvement of the target audience


Leverage the power of data intelligence with a single/unified platform for collecting, storing and managing user data.

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