Plan your campaigns quickly and easily with Hybrid Insights

Analyze all types of ad inventory, evaluate the entire volume of traffic and make up a media plan in a few minutes.
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Plan your campaigns quickly and easily with Hybrid Insights Plan your campaigns quickly and easily with Hybrid Insights
Hybrid Insights is our branded tool for
evaluating traffic in the open auction
Research the data
All the data necessary for planning your ad campaign is available in one place.
Analyze your audiences
Get access to more than one billion impressions per day and one thousand audiences.
Time is of the essence
Share your reports easily across your team to get valuable insights. Assign different levels of access for groups and individuals.
  • Time
  • Placement
    • SSP
    • Type (browser / app / ...)
    • Publisher ID
    • Domain
    • Iab category
    • Google category
    • Device language
    • Page language
  • Geo
    • Country
    • State
    • City
    • Country (en)
    • State (en)
    • City (en)
    • Postal code
    • Has location
  • Mobile carrier
    • Mobile carrier (IAB)
    • Mobile carrier (Google)
  • Mobile application
    • App name
    • App ID
    • App category
  • Data
    • Data providers
    • Aidata
    • Soloway (Adriver)
    • 1DMC CleverData
    • Context channels
    • Remarketing
    • Places
    • Hybrid segments
    • Age
    • Gender
  • Banner
    • Format
    • Placement size
    • Placement position
    • Skippable
    • Interstitial
    • Rewarded
    • MRAID
    • Native
    • Native video
    • Vertical video
    • Video linearity
    • Video type
    • Video start delay
    • Viewability
    • Historical CTR
  • Device
    • Device
    • Has Device ID
    • Device maker
    • Device model
    • Connection
    • OS
    • OS version
    • Browser
    • Browser version
Plan your campaigns quickly and easily with Hybrid Insights

Evaluate, compare and explore

Analyze all the traffic,
applying various filters

You can sort it by placements, audience segments, formats, regions, and many other paramteters.

Compare CPM/CPC, the number of bids, win rate, reach etc.

Try and you
won't regret it
Develop a strategy to attain your goals
with our support and guidance
up to 80 billion 48 countries 28 parameters 40 formats
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billions of
per day
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