Hybrid DMP

Hybrid DMP

Collect, enrich and use the data to target audience in a single platform with Hybrid DMP

Get deep insights by combining audience personas, building look-alike audiences and developing interaction strategies to boost your campaign efficiency.

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Hybrid DMP


Key features of Hybrid DMP

Leverage the power of data intelligence with a single/unified platform for collecting, storing and managing user data

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Data types

Hybrid’s data cloud gives you access to 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data from any source to have all the relevant data available for the maximum success of your campaign

  • 1st party data

    Use the most valuable data collected by your company, launch a look-alike campaign with which the system will find similar users to your target audience and show them the advertising of your brand

  • 2nd party data

    Segment users, according to the results of advertising campaigns, and use them in new integrations in the Hybrid interface.

  • 3rd party data

    All known data providers are available in the Hybrid interface. Users’ interests, purchase information and more than 3,000 audience segments are ready to be used.

  • Hybrid DMP
  • Hybrid DMP
  • Hybrid DMP

Hybrid Segments

Hybrid DMP
  • Hybrid Semantica

    The technology for collecting the segment of users, who were reading the content with relevant keywords or even thematic channels.

  • Geotargeting & Hybrid Places

    The access to the user's location or frequent visits to display ads on devices.

  • Thematic segments of placement

    The segment is based on visitors of the website from the relevant categories such as sport & trainings, pregnancy & babies, etc.

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