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TV Sync technology

In 2017 the global programmatic platform Hybrid presented a new technology named TV Sync. Representatives of gave some details about the market newcomer.

A brand typically uses numerous communication channels to connect to a customer. As gadgets become more and more popular, the focus of attention is shifting towards the online environment. According to various sources, users spend a third of their free time on the Internet. The number of users of mobile gadgets is increasing: by the beginning of 2022, there are 5,31 billion smartphone users on Earth (+95 million since the beginning of 2021). Marketers are therefore challenged to establish a link between online and offline activities. This task has given rise to such technologies as programmatic out-of-home and boosted the integration of CRM and ad systems. TV Sync is one of the ways to connect conventional advertising with the world of digital.

TV Sync is a technology that synchronizes TV and online advertising.

What is TV Sync for?

There are a few arguments in favor of using TV Sync.
1. The growing popularity of gadgets. According to TNS the efficiency of TV commercials has decreased by 58 % due to the fact that viewers actively use their mobile devices during commercial breaks. To increase engagement TV channels use “second screen” apps that give additional information about the show. The TV Sync technology is in fact a “second screen” for a TV commercial.

2. Better engagement. Joint use of TV commercials and digital promotion helps increase the efficiency of both ad campaigns. In 2019 Nielsen conducted a study that compared the efficiency of TV advertising against shared TV and digital promotion. Joint campaigns turned out to be more than 10 % effective in all indicators.

How does the technology work?

The mechanics of TV Sync allows “scrolling” through the visuals and sound of live broadcasts of the TV channels in real-time and detecting whether the commercial is on air. The server gets broadcast data and simultaneously shows the banner on the mobile device. The key value of such an ad is that the user perceives the TV commercial on the background and sees it on the screen of their mobile device at the same time.

What to expect from using TV Sync?

TV Sync successfully engages the users that can be distracted from viewing TV commercials and makes them aware of the brand. The advertising that is synchronized with TV retains all the benefits of programmatic such as inventory and audience targeting, frequency capping control, etc.

This technology is a valuable tool for a brand with a high communication activity. In Europe it is available within the Hybrid programmatic platform. Learn more about the technology and deployment options from the [email protected].

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