Blog The Power of In-Image Creative Formats

The Power of In-Image Creative Formats

In the dynamically changing era of digital advertising, grasping the effectiveness of different ad formats is crucial for marketers striving to seize consumers' attention. A recent study by VOX "Ad Placements Neuro Research" sheds light on the efficacy of in-image creative formats compared to standard ad placements. Its ultimate objective was to provide marketers with invaluable insights to enrich their advertising strategies and enhance their effectiveness in navigating the competitive digital advertising landscape.

The research was conducted within multifaceted approach. First, it utilized cutting-edge eye-tracking technology to observe how users interact visually with different ad placements. Additionally, mimic assessment was employed to gauge the emotional responses evoked by these formats. Finally, a post-opinion poll was provided to give valuable insights into consumer perception and preferences.

The research encompassed a diverse participant pool with 24 individuals comprising the sample – 16 women and 8 men, split evenly between mobile and desktop users. The study aimed to evaluate various ad placement formats, including standard banners, in-read creatives, teaser ads and sticky banners, compared with in-image creative formats, particularly those with a 'WOW effect'.

Eye-tracking results unveiled compelling insights into user behavior across different platforms. Across both desktop and mobile platforms, in-image creatives adorned with a 'WOW effect' commanded attention, with users spending a substantial amount of time engaging with these formats. Eye-tracking data revealed that in-image creatives with a 'WOW effect' captured attention for 16.09% of total time on desktop and 10.88% on mobile, outperforming standard ad formats by a significant value.

Mimic assessment revealed that a considerable percentage of respondents expressed surprise and excitement when encountering the 'WOW effect' in-image creatives. Specifically, 37% of respondents reported being surprised by the WOW-effect, while 29% expressed excitement while engaging with in-image ads. This emotional engagement underscores the potential of in-image ads to forge deeper connections with consumers and create positive brand associations.

Further analysis delved into perceptions of non-standard ad placements. A significant portion of respondents identified specialized in-image creatives, particularly those with a 'WOW effect,' as non-standard ads. Positive emotions were commonly associated with these formats, affirming their ability to elicit favorable responses from consumers.

Perhaps most tellingly, the post-opinion poll revealed a resounding demand for more non-standard digital ads. A staggering 92% of respondents expressed a desire for ads to be more memorable, eye-catching and non-standard, emphasizing the importance of innovation and creativity in digital advertising.

In conclusion, the research underscores the potency of in-image creative formats in capturing users’ attention, eliciting positive emotions, and fostering brand recall. As consumers increasingly gravitate towards visually captivating and immersive ad experiences, marketers must embrace non-standard formats to cut through the digital noise effectively. By leveraging the insights gleaned from this study, advertisers can craft more compelling and impactful campaigns that resonate with today's discerning audiences. Reach out to our sales team to explore how you can integrate these findings into your next campaign.

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