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New release of Hybrid Console

Hello guys!

We are happy to announce a new release of Hybrid Console V.5.0! We optimized the speed of the platform, added new features and redesigned the interface.

What's new:

1. Speed. Don't waste your time. We have optimized the speed of query execution in the system. Now statistics loads faster, and now it's much easier to build reports.

2. Design. Now the table with statistics is more compact, get more information on the screen. The layout is perfect for laptop screens.

3. Banners upload. This has been a long time coming. Now you don't need to upload each banner separately, select all the files to upload and add them to the ad library in one click.

4. Data suppliers. New partners OnAudience and Digiseg are available in the Data Marketplace now. OnAudience provides a lot of various audience segments for Russia, CIS countries, and Europe. Digiseg grants audiences for Europe, the UK, and the US. What is important, that Digiseg audiences are based on IP-addresses, and they are applicable not only for browsers but also for mobile apps. 

5. Language. Hybrid Console is available worldwide. In case you want to discuss the results of a campaign with a colleague or client, you don't need to use any translator. Change the language directly in Hybrid Console in a couple of clicks.

6. Domain zone targeting. It's a handy tool, already tested by our colleagues from Poland and Ukraine. This type of targeting allows you to display ads only on the inventory of a specific domain zone (for example, only on the sites like .pl).

7. Entire frequency. Save your time. You don't need to calculate the total duration of your campaign in hours anymore. 

8. Optimization of settings. We disabled some out-dated targeting options and metrics. By doing so, we made the interface more intent.

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