Blog New Hybrid's Interface

New Hybrid's Interface


An important update appeared in the navigation menu: now you do not need to go to the list of advertisers to switch to the client account. A list of all your customers, sorted alphabetically, is available in the left pane.

New Ad Library

Ad library has been changed: the hierarchical structure of the folders has become available. You can create the desired folders with ads for each individual advertiser.


It is a new section in the DMP, which is called "Clouds". This section contains all the pixels that you created by yourself, as well as those created by default. If your client has several sites, you can simply create a separate pixel for each domain.

Groups of campaign 

If you have a plenty of advertising campaigns, you can group them into folders (for example, "New Year Flight", "campaigns for retargeting"). This will allow you to systematize campaigns and not be confused with them when analyzing performance.

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