Blog Integration with Yandex.Metrics

Integration with Yandex.Metrics

Hybrid has integrated with one of the most popular systems of analytics - Yandex.Metrics. Now you can view statistics on advertising campaigns from Yandex.Metrica directly in your account. Integration became possible due to the fact that uses a database management system developed by Yandex - Clickhouse. In the interface Hybrid Console available: visits, failures, the average depth of visited pages, time on the site.
Integration has the following advantages: 
— In addition to standard statistics on advertising campaigns, we get post-click indicators, which gives us a wider field for analysis.
— You can optimize the campaign in order to minimize discrepancies with the metric.
— If, for some reason, you did not put the SmartPixel code on the site, but you have Yandex. Metric's codes installed, you can still view all the necessary metrics for a full analysis of advertising campaigns on one screen. 

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