Blog Increase the effectiveness of your ads with innovative contextual targeting

Increase the effectiveness of your ads with innovative contextual targeting

How to stop losing valuable ad placement for your brand and significantly increase the effectiveness of your digital campaigns? A new, innovative tool called Semantica 360° from Hybrid, which utilises AI and contextual targeting, is incredibly helpful in achieving this.

Hybrid is an international adtech company that is part of a larger group, along with VOX and MyFace. The company is not only focused on advertising and running digital campaigns but is also deeply entrenched in the world of technology. With an extensive technological infrastructure, Hybrid is constantly developing and improving its products, and places a strong emphasis on developing newer and more effective proprietary solutions and tools for the digital market. Among the latest innovative tools developed by the company, Semantica 360° can be mentioned.

Effective contextual targeting

Semantica 360° is an adtech tool that enables precise contextual targeting and optimization of programmatic campaigns. It was developed based on Hybrid's many years of experience working with publishers and advertisers, as well as analyzing a vast amount of data from VOX's SSP and utilizing self-learning artificial intelligence algorithms. It uses AI and computer vision technology to recognize text, images, videos, and sounds. This allows for a full understanding of the meaning of the content on a given page and the context of the content posted on it, and thus displaying relevant ads based on the most up-to-date data.

In contrast to traditional keyword targeting, Semantica 360° precisely analyzes the context and tone of the entire article, including textual, graphic, video content. Based on this analysis, it determines whether a particular material is a suitable place for advertising for a brand or not, and whether its appearance in such content could harm the brand. Of course, this is done based on previous guidelines provided by the customer.

It also helps effectively protect  brand's reputation. The artificial intelligence algorithms and computer vision technology used in the tool scan and analyze content in order to identify inappropriate fragments, and filter out any improper content once detected. Importantly, Semantica 360° assesses individual pages in terms of their advertising environment and attractiveness to users, allowing ads to be displayed in a brand-friendly environment and a place where they will be most appealing to users. Integration with the tool is extremely easy and fast, and in case of any problems, one can rely on the assistance of Hybrid's experts.

Currently, Semantica 360° can analyze content in Polish, English, and Asian languages. The tool can also be integrated not only with VOX's SSP (from the Hybrid group) but also with external SSP providers.

Benefits of Semantica 360°

Using Semantica 360° in digital campaigns will primarily help maximize their effectiveness. In traditional targeting in programmatic, brands use keywords to determine whether a given ad should be displayed in the context of specific content or not. However, they overlook the context of that content. Semantica 360°, on the other hand, deeply analyzes the context and based on that, determines whether the given content is negative or positive.

For example, by adding the word "covid" to a blacklist, we avoid displaying ads on negative content related to the coronavirus, such as articles about lockdowns or the number of new infections and deaths. However, we also lose the opportunity to appear in content related to Covid but with a positive tone, such as creative ways to spend time with a child at home during a pandemic, where we can safely display ads, such as toys. Similarly, in the case of words such as "alcohol" - by using Semantica 360°, we can distinguish negative contextual associations such as alcohol-related accidents, from positive associations such as pairing alcohol with a meal. Thanks to this contextual targeting, campaigns can reach a much larger audience and potential customers, and the brand does not lose out on good ad placement despite appearances.

Importantly, the algorithms implemented in the tool are self-learning and suggest whether the selected keywords are good and relevant in a given situation and context, or whether other keywords may perform better and be more effective. They detect relationships between words and help determine which keyword is important in a given context and content, and which one is unnecessary.

Semantica 360° also allows you to tailor your advertising message to users' actual interests. The tool will help you match your ad to the right audience by displaying it on the right platform to people who are interested in your product at that time. Advertising campaigns carried out using Semantica 360° are not only highly effective, but also 100% brand-safe and viewable.

The contextual targeting provided by Semantica is also extremely important from the perspective of the coming post-cookie era. The contextual targeting provided by Semantica is also extremely important from the perspective of the coming post-cookie era. This technology highly improves the precision of targeting and makes it easier to find a target group, and is just as effective as tools based on traditional audience segmentation. Follow the link to learn more.
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