Blog It’s time to make the best of gaming industry trends to enhance your ad campaigns

It’s time to make the best of gaming industry trends to enhance your ad campaigns

In times of pandemic, gaming and mobile apps are on the rise. Revenue in the video games segment is expected to reach $175,060 in 2022. And the largest segment is mobile games with a market volume of $124,905 in 2022.

This economic sector attracts not only investors, but also advertisers of products and services which have a loose connection with gaming itself. Meanwhile, users play on smartphones for three main reasons: to entertain themselves, to spend time, and to rest. 47% of those surveyed said that games dispel boredom, while 36% of respondents felt a decrease of their anxiety level. 

The motives that prompt users to play games may help other companies introduce their brand and product in a friendly and discreet way. 

The Rewarded Video format is a perfect fit for it. 

Rewarded ads is a video format in mobile games, which means that a user watches a video ad in exchange for a reward within the game. For example, after watching an ad a user gets an extra life, a booster or other game rewards. Rewarded Video is perceived more positively than other ad types, because it looks non-intrusive. A user is keenly aware that watching ads helps them get free content and develop their character. 

The most popular genres around the world are puzzles and strategies. Most  users prefer games that aren't based on difficult skills and  don't have long sessions. These games have ad spots - and this is the precise reason why they are free.

For example, in a rewarded-campaign for a meat manufacturer we got over 10 000 monthly clicks with an average CTR of 1,07%. The videos were displayed 961 881 times and users watched them till the end 896 000 times. 

The campaign was focused on apps with several types of games, precisely time-killers, puzzles, solitaire games, three-in-a-row games, and shooters. The target audience was university students and users of study apps aged 18-35. We knew exactly what users wanted to gain in these apps, and this understanding drove us to success. 

What’s important is that users not only seek rest in video games. As shown in the chart below, there is a variety of preferable games, depending on countries. For users in India the most significant things are level system, genre, and special effects. In Germany, both genre and levels are of great importance. 

Why do advertisers need this information?

To make your message resonate with the audience and get high results in ad campaigns,you need to know the users’ needs. This knowledge has to be combined with new and interesting ad campaign formats – like Playable Ads or Rich media which engage users and show how to use the product. 

These interactive formats have almost no restrictions in use and suit the needs of most brands and products. These ad types can be used in-app or in mobile web, which enlarges the contact with the target audience. 

Our case in using Rich media in a campaign for an automotive brand shows that these ads are very versatile. We have aimed for 5 300 clicks and 0,5% CTR, but have got 10 466 clicks and average CTR of 0,90%. To advertise an electric car, we used storytelling with an emphasis on environment and sustainable development. The ad was displayed in investment, finance, and sports ads. 

Understanding the interests of users and introduction of new formats ensures great results for every type of product or service. 

Mobile industry continues to grow, and it offers new possibilities to advertise familiar things with unfamiliar formats. Playable Ads and Rich media draw more users’ attention thanks to gamification and storytelling.

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