Blog The future of video recognition is here

The future of video recognition is here

Platforms where users can revel in watching different sorts of video content have become more and more popular, and the number of users continues growing as well. Thus, according to the report, in 2022 users spent 19 hours per week with online video. For marketers, these platforms provide an opportunity to reach a vast audience with their message, but it is crucial to carefully consider ad placement to effectively deliver those messages. offers a powerful solution to simplify the process and ensure that your content reaches the right audience with precision and efficiency. The main feature of contextual advertising is serving video ads based on the content being viewed, which enables brands to target the right audience at the right time.'s contextual targeting provides several advantages, including privacy-friendliness, relevancy, anti-ad fatigue, and brand suitability.

The advantages of contextual targeting by

One of the most significant advantages of contextual targeting by is its privacy-friendliness. The company serves ads based on the context of the content being viewed, rather than using personally identifiable information (PII). This means that users' privacy is not violated, and there are no concerns about data breaches or misuse of personal information.

Another benefit of's contextual targeting is that it enables brands to target the right audience at the right time, which makes the ads more personalized and relevant. By using this approach, the ads are served based on the content being viewed, which increases the chances of users engaging with the content.

Contextual targeting also helps combat anti-ad fatigue, which occurs when users become accustomed to seeing ads and start to tune them out. By placing ads next to relevant content, they become more noticeable and valuable to the user. As a result, viewers see ads not just in the right place but the best place for them.

Finally,'s comprehensive content analysis allows for pre-filtering of relevant content, ensuring brand suitability. This analysis helps identify proper usage of topics that could be marked as not suitable by default. This feature is especially crucial in today's world, where brands need to ensure that their content is appropriate and aligns with their values. available at Hybrid

Hybrid, a leading provider of innovative marketing solutions, developed its computer engine in a way that allows it to comprehensively recognize objects in video content, including faces, logos, and background recognition.

This feature has become a vital tool for marketers as they seek to enhance their digital marketing strategies. With Hybrid's computer vision engine, brands can leverage the power of visual recognition to increase the relevancy of their ads, ultimately leading to more conversions and sales. Additionally, Hybrid's contextual product supports audio recognition, enabling it to analyze voice and video elements simultaneously. This deep content understanding is crucial in increasing relevancy, as it allows for more precise targeting of ads.

Hybrid has positioned itself at the forefront of digital marketing. The platform's ability to recognize objects in video content, coupled with its audio recognition capabilities, provides marketers with a comprehensive understanding of their audience, enabling them to deliver highly-targeted and relevant content.

Contextual advertising is a game-changing technology that enables brands to target their audience more effectively and with more precision. By using advanced algorithms to analyze the content on a page, can serve ads that are highly relevant to the user's interests and behavior, without compromising their privacy or security. At Hybrid, we are proud to offer as a solution to help brands reach their target audience with greater accuracy and effectiveness. With our powerful technology, you can ensure that your ad is placed in the right context and is seen by the right people, at the right time.

So why wait? Let's try for your campaign today and see the magic it can bring to your advertising efforts. Contact our sales team to learn more about how we can help you achieve your marketing goals with contextual advertising!
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