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Interface changes

Graph on the page of advertising campaigns

From the experience of our clients, we found out that the display of statistics on advertising campaigns in the form of figures in conjunction with the schedule is a more convenient and visual format for analysis. In this release, we returned the schedule to the page with the advertising campaigns.

Pixel activity

Added a small revision of the interface: now you can easily see information about the pixel activity by the luminous indicator. If it's green, the pixel is set and your audience is going.

Auditor channels are placed in a separate section

The audit channels created with the Keyword Builder tools are listed in a separate section. Now you do not need to insert the same words every time in similar advertising campaigns. You just need to create a channel with the right keywords and the period of interest of users and select it when creating a campaign in the targeting phase.

Balance and account replenishment

On the screen of the advertising campaign of each of the advertisers, you can now see the overall balance of the advertising agency (top right), and the balance of the current advertiser (next to the SmartPixel activity indicator). Here you can transfer funds to the balance of the advertiser by clicking on the "add funds" button. Also, the client's balance refill function is available from the "Advertisers" screen (the "All campaigns" tab), where you can transfer or return the desired amount.

Revisions of mobile campaign

Fixed bugs in the work and added the ability to select their own auditor segments to display ads. For example, the audience collected from the site.

29 June 2pm IST

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