Video Advertising Requirements
Video Advertising Requirements

Video Advertising Requirements

1. Timing - no more than 30 seconds;
2. The maximum file size is 20 MB.
3. Video resolution - 640x360, 1280x720 or 1920x1080
4. Recommendations not to show information in the bottom 10% of the video, because there will be controls for the player.
5. Flow requirements:
- Video bitrate: 400-450 kbit / s. Frame rate: no more than 25 frames/sec.
- Audio bitrate: 80-100 kbit / s. The volume level is not more than 30 dB
- Total bitrate: 480-550 kbit / s
6. Video format: mp4, WMV MP4 (MPEG-4): H.264 video codecs, audio codec - AAC.
7. A video should not mislead the user, that is, it can not contain buttons which duplicate services and other elements.
8. Preroll should not contain visible artifacts, distortion of proportions and other errors. Videos of poor processing quality and with a high compression ratio are not accepted for placement (the platform reserves the right to subjectively evaluate advertising materials)

  • We also reserve the right not to accept promotional materials for the placement, the execution of which does not correspond to the internal policy of the company.
  • The format of the link is an external desktop / mobile site, or a mobile application.