Requirements for the sites of advertisers
Requirements for the sites of advertisers

Requirements for the sites of advertisers

Our objective is to grow your business. And we welcome all advertisers from different industries and with different budget. We are integrated with a variety of partners to ensure the maximum coverage of your audience. Each of the partners has its own requirements for the sites of advertisers. Hybrid takes into account these requirements while offering additional recommendations for advertisers.

We strive to be as transparent as possible and do not want to waste your time creating on campaigns until you have the opportunity to work with us. That is why we have made requirements for advertised sites.

This article describes the Hybrid requirements to the sites of advertisers. You can see the information about the type of ad requirements (depends on the type of campaign) in Ad Requirements.

Content requirements for the site

The site should be informative and functional

Retargeting allows you to increase the volume of traffic, rather than attract a new one. If the site was just started up or is still under development, then you can install SmartPixel to gather the audience, and focus on site improvement or new users acquisition. For example, using other types of campaigns (Audience, Thematic, Classmates). Nevertheless, we have the following requirements for the sites of advertisers:

It is not allowed for the advertising sites:

Users should understand the essence of your business

Transparency is one of our key values. Therefore we ask advertisers to be transparent with their customers. Make sure that your site meets the following requirements:
Acceptable: Hybrid is a platform for self-advertising via RTB on the web and social networks.
Not acceptable: Register in Hybrid and increase ROI by 200%!

The site must not contain inaccurate information or unverifiable statements

All content on your site must be informative, up-to-date and reliable. Any statements should be easily verifiable. If you offer any guarantee, then such a proposal should be clear to your users. We do not work with sites that deliberately distort the essence of their business or use any means to raise their reputation falsely.

The content of the site should be acceptable for all ages

For remarketing campaigns, we do not limit the age of the audience to which we advertise. Therefore, even if the product or service is aimed at a particular age category, your site should be acceptable for all ages, that is, to exclude outcrop, scenes of violence, etc.

Landing page requirements

Also, advertisers can create a separate landing page for the ad campaign. In addition to the above requirements for sites, your landing page must meet the following requirements: