Create your own SSP-platform

Build your SSP-platform with our technological framework Hybrid Partners to work with publishers and sell your inventory via RTB-auction.

Create your own SSP-platform

Key features of Partners


Get connected to an unlimited number of DSPs. Multiple platforms are already integrated with Hybrid Partners which significantly reduces the time to market. Also, you can connect to any desired platform on request.

Integrated with Hybrid Platform

Hybrid Partners is fully integrated into the Hybrid Platform ecosystem for a seamless workflow that saves you time, increases efficiency, and gets you the best programmatic ad buying experience. Work either with the established network of publishers or with other biggest platforms.

State-of-the-art workflow

Analyze your partners' traffic with Hybrid Insights, manage and optimize ad campaigns with Hybrid Console, share insights with your clients using Hybrid Reports. All these tools deliver top-notch service and help achieve significant results in a short time.

Other features

Support of the major formats: Display, Video, Native, Mobile etc.;

Models of payment: CPM, vCPM, CPC, CPCV;

Flat rate or fee;

Automated partners payouts;

Private deals;

Support of Mobile SDK.

Advantages of the platform


We process more than one million queries per second. The company's data centers are located on three continents. Thus, you are literally closer to your users, so it makes it easier to adjust your business to local requirements.


Hybrid Platform including Hybrid Partners enables your product to as customizable as possible thanks to elaborate infrastructure and constant development.


Our philosophy is the rational use of resources.

In other words — get maximum return on your investment. This tenet is a bedstone of long-term relationships.

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