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Take the most out of web advertising

Show your ads on millions of websites in 49 countries of the world. Implement any data-based scenarios.

40+ targetings 

Get a clear picture of your target audience with a range of targetings available at Hybrid DSP. 

A variety of advertising formats 

Get in touch with your audience in the desired way by generating standard or rich creatives. 

A great choice of inventory 

Choose the subject, arrange a white list or buy out traffic on an open RTB-auction or through private deals. 

Protect your brand reputation 

Hybrid offers solutions that help protect your brand from fraud and prevent placement on dubious advertising spaces.

Friendly Index

Employ Brand Safety filter to ensure the campaign security. The Friendly Index tool lets you filter out advertising spaces that can be potentially harmful to your brand, specifically those that feature

  • Too many ads
  • Incorrect layout
  • Overly long domain name
  • Obscene language

Antifraud algorithms 

Hybrid DSP employs in-house antifraud solutions. A special algorithm detects fraud clicks and impressions and expels them from advertiser’s statistics.

According to the independent verifier Forensiq, the estimated overall fraud ratio at Hybrid is as low as 2%.

Show your ads at just the right time 

Use instant marketing solutions 

TV Sync

Synchronize TV and digital ads to increase user engagement. Data about on air commercials is retrieved from Hybrid servers — alternatively, the broadcast schedule can be uploaded into DSP. 

Weather targeting 

Tie up your ad strategy with weather conditions in the given region. Choose from a range of settings like cloud coverage, precipitation and temperature. Theweatherdataisupdatedevery 10 minutes.   

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