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March-April 2018
Moscow, Moscow region
Desktop, Mobile
Advertising channels
28 330 409
20 065
2 031 002

The customer ordered an ad campaign for nine new apartment complexes that would test the Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology.

  • 3rd party segments
  • White List
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization
  • Thematic placement
  • Retargeting
  • Look-a-like
Comparison of creative elements

Option 1:

450 000 impressions, 324 clicks, CTR ~ 0.07%


Option 2:

200 000 impressions, 84 clicks, СTR ~ 0.04%

CTA elements

Option 1:

332 000 impressions, 223 clicks, CTR ~ 0.07%

fsk 1.png

Option 2:

292 000 impressions, 151 clicks. CTR ~ 0.05%

Placement details

We have established a white list of ad spaces which correspond to the topic of “real estate”. Additionally we have used 3rd party segments from data providers.

Besides that a retargeting campaign has been launched and a look-a-like segment with average match has been built.

In the course of the campaign we have tested the Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology. To determine its efficiency we have launched two separate parallel campaigns. One of the campaigns has used the DCO algorithms while another one hasn’t.

The DCO is working in the following way. The system tests multiple combinations of images, texts and headlines in the ads and then in real time creates and shows the one that is the most relevant for the current target audience. A neural network learns the audience’s needs and produces the unique creative for each customer depending on their habits.


The algorithm used in the ad campaign for “FSK Lider” would sort out the best possible combinations of creative elements. We have found out that images with a single contrast-rich focused element had done better than those with multiple elements lacking a color accent. A text featuring a price also had achieved better results in comparison to the one indicating an abstract discount.

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