Blog "We have been using Hybrid Platform for nearly a year and..."

"We have been using Hybrid Platform for nearly a year and..."

Please introduce yourself:

"My name is Danny Kurniawan, and I am the founder of, an Indonesian digital marketing agency specialized in programmatic ad and media buying."

Can you please tell us a little about your company?

"We strive to provide more influence and effectiveness  for brands. Programmatic advertising is still the first option for Indonesian brands and their digital marketing campaigns in order to increase traffic  to their websites."

How long have you been using Hybrid Platform and partnering with

"We have been using Hybrid Platform for nearly a year and I am very satisfied with the platform! Most of all, the team is very supportive, and I am quite happy with their client services."

What features and capabilities do you utilize the most?

"Hybrid Platform helps me successfully handle my CPM and CPC campaigns. We use whitelists to target specific domains and apps, and apply SmartBid to optimize my CTR because we  have benchmarks that we need to achieve. So the best option to meet our clients requirements KPIs is to thoughtfully combine various AI tools and recommendations of the support team."

What made you decide to work with Hybrid Platform rather than other DSPs?

"When I originally was looking for and contacted other DSPs, the first thing I noticed  was the prices. Unlike others, provides flexible and transparent pricing. That helped me decide to test their platform and then start working on a regular basis."

How does stand out the most from other DSPs?

" and Hybrid Platform have a very good pricing model. From the other DSPs that I know, the prices for their platform usage is quite high whereas Hybrid Platform’s pricing is very flexible and transparent. Hybrid Platform is also very user-friendly and quite easy to use. To conclude, Hybrid Platform is very good for me!"

29 June 2pm IST

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